our story.

the name ensembl is inspired by the french word “ensemble”, which means “together”.

 we are driven by a relentless desire to make it possible for people to come together. regardless of the space they call home.

why? we live for the moments when our friends and family have come together. these are the moments from which we draw our inspiration. the nights where red wine has stained both your lips and the table. where your best friends call out for you to have just one more drink. just one more story. where infectious laughter bursts through the room and stays with you well into the next morning. maybe even the next week. the inevitable karaoke. the impromptu dance party. the heated debate for the sake of, well, a good debate.

to come together at the dinner table (however you define dinner table) is to come together with friends. to get inspired. to dream. to love. to let go. to lean in. to sit back. to make unrealistic plans. to hatch the next big idea. to contemplate questions both personal and profound. or to contemplate nothing in particular. to let the night’s je ne sais quoi fill the room. to create memories and stories that only you and your circle will ever truly understand.

ensembl means come together. and we are creating tools to help you do just that.