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come together for the moments that matter.

do more in your kitchen than you ever thought possible with STACK, a high-performance nesting cookware system -- reimagined to unlock limitless culinary potential.


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building a world where nothing is off the table.

at ensembl, we live for the kind of party that starts off in the kitchen. where friends who might as well be family can drop by for an hour and stay for the night. where everyone helps cook, bringing their own bit of magic to the meal. when a quiet dinner turns into a lively celebration -- no occasion required. when one scoop turns into three, fuelling the conversation and sparking ideas.  because, when you have the right people in the right place, nothing is off the table.

if food is the catalyst, then our cookware is the conduit. the vessels that make moments around the table possible.

that's why we started with STACK. the product we were missing. a product truly capable of bringing these moments to life.

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cookware has long demanded that you make compromises.

limiting your culinary range to accommodate the inordinate amount of space commanded by traditional products. forcing you to accept that high-performance, elevated design, multi-functionality, and space-efficiency are mutually exclusive. causing you to make do with less -- or worse yet, simply doing less.

these compromises have become the unavoidable norm -- until now.

we created STACK to challenge the status quo.

by reimagining cookware through the lens of modern demands, we set out to build a next-generation product that fused high-performance quality with space efficiency, multi-functionality, and elevated design.

the result is a revolutionary nesting cookware system that unlocks limitless culinary potential -- all within the footprint of a single vessel.

full STACK + explode

STACK unlocks limitless potential.

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streamline your space.

no single product should have the audacity to take over your entire kitchen. STACK is a complete cookware system that occupies only one-fifth of the storage space required by traditional pots and pans -- so that you can maximize the space you have available to you.

STACK serves dinner at the counter

cook. serve. store.

STACK makes multi-functionality the new gold standard for cookware. its innovative design allows you to seamlessly cook, serve, and store any dish you can imagine -- all in the same vessel.

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discover your inner chef.

no dish is off-limits with STACK, the revolutionary all-in-one cookware system made with a high-performance combination of fully clad stainless steel and aluminium for optimal heat dispersion. STACK is made for elevated dining experiences, providing you with every piece of cookware you need to maximize your culinary potential.


showcase your style.

your cookware should be an extension of your style, a complement to your aesthetic, and a way to showcase your personality. modern and minimalist, STACK was thoughtfully designed in san francisco and montréal to add value to your home -- whether it’s in use on the stove, on display on the counter, or neatly stored in the cupboard.

one system. limitless potential.

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+ the small saucepan.

small but mighty.

2.6 quarts.

+ the medium saucepan.

made for more.

4.2 quarts.

+ the colander.

the team player

9 quarts.

+ the stockpot.

supper club staple.

11 quarts.

+ the fry pan.

kitchen powerhouse.

11.5 inches.

+ the braise pan.

inner chef unleashed.

12.5 inches.

the removable handle.

the key to STACK's space efficiency and multi-functionality is 'the removable handle' -- its patent-pending system was engineered to allow STACK to be easily and safely transferred from stovetop to oven, table and refrigerator, all while enabling its six vessels to be seamlessly stacked.

the flat lying lid.

with the handles removed, the entire STACK system nests seamlessly within the footprint of a single vessel thanks to 'the flat-lying lid' -- an innovative design feature that helps unlock STACK’s limitless potential.

high-performance quality. every day usability.


works on all cooktops. (including induction.)


oven safe.


dishwasher safe.

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